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Book Review - In A Pickle Over PANDAS

Written by Award Winning Author, Melanie S. Weiss

Reviewed by Anna @ Mobius

“A very important genre that is often overlooked. When children are ill, parents sometimes struggle with explanations. Weiss explains PANDAS with precision and kindness through easy to read language and fun, beautiful illustrations. Children and adults can read together and understand PANDAS through the mind of what a young child may be feeling and thinking.”

Children’s Nonfiction, Medical

Foreword written by Rosario Trifiletti, MD, PhD, Child Neurology

A PANDA is not the cute furry black and white bear that comes to mind, it is actually an acronym for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus. It is a neurological disorder that can initially affect children from the age of three to puberty, and sometimes beyond. Weiss provides a more detailed description in her author note, as well as delivers a short glossary and resource section for parents to utilize.

In a Pickle Over PANDAS takes a parent and child through the journey of what starts out as lots of frustration due to the fact that PANDAS can produce multiple symptoms and can often be misdiagnosed. Weiss shines some light on when a correct diagnosis is determined, and continues to use an easy and light hearted narrative to explain, “With proper treatment you will get better and be able to live a normal life. Before you know it, PANDAS will just be a thing in your past and you will forget all about it.”

In A Pickle Over PANDAS is a charming, quick read for parents to share with their child. In A Pickle Over PANDAS is sure to allow for lower levels of anxiety for those experiencing PANDAS. This book is one that will be welcomed in all pediatric offices.

About the author: Melanie S. Weiss, RNC-MNN, BSN has been a registered nurse for thirty years. Her goals in writing this book were to explain a frightening illness to the children afflicted with it in an informative, but non-frightening way as well as to raise awareness about the disorder. Melanie lives in Long Island, NY with her husband and three sons. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Nursing Administration.

In A Pickle Over PANDAS has won multiple awards. The book has been reviewed over 50x. Cover art has been awarded a 5 star rating by Mobius. Goodreads rating avg. of 4.27, Amazon rating 4.5 stars. Comparative title: Germs Make Me Sick, by Melvin Berger.

Abstract terms: Non-Fiction, Children’s, Medical, PANDAS, Illness, Sick, Diagnoses, Doctors, Treatment

Published by First Edition Design Publishing, in hardcover, paperback and eBook formats. The book contains approximately 42 pages. Genre: Children’s Nonfiction, Medical, Childhood Illnesses. ISBN HC, 9781622879250, ISBN PBK, 9781622879236, ISBN EBK, 9781622879243. Also available in Spanish.


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