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Book Review - Messy Larry

Written by David J. Perri

Reviewed by Anna @ Mobius

" Messy Larry is an educational, feel-good story for the creative, art-inclined child."

Children’s Fiction, Social Acceptance / Art


In his debut children’s book, Messy Larry, David J. Perri explores self-expression and the age-old struggle to fit in with one’s peers. Larry is a messy child who is continually berated for his large appearance and lack of finesse. After visiting his great-uncle Ken, Larry learns that it is ok to be different and unique.

Creative and visually pleasing, Messy Larry is a child’s tale that emphasizes acceptance and self-expression. Larry is symbolically depicted as a large, clumsy bear-like creature, providing an inspired metaphor for adults, but which may be somewhat confusing to the intended audience, as Larry’s “peers” are children. While the melodic flow of the rhyme scape is a bit fumbling at times, the colorful illustrations and interactive section at the end will keep the young reader engaged. Additionally, the subtle inclusion of renowned paintings throughout the illustrations is a great way to introduce children to art appreciation.

About the author: David J Perri, The author/illustrator is a native Pittsburgher who has lived in beautiful West Virginia for the past fifteen years. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Dayton School of Law. He has two kids, works as a federal prosecutor, and likes to paint in his spare time.

Abstract terms: Fiction, Children’s, Art, Artistic, Creative, Creativity, Self-Expression, Acceptance, Different, "Fitting In", Friendship, Kids, Bear, Funny Bear

Published by First Edition Design Publishing, in hardcover, paperback and eBook formats. The book contains approximately 42 pages. Genre: Children’s Fiction, Acceptance and Art. ISBN HC, 9781506907024, ISBN PBK, 9781506907031, ISBN EBK, 9781506907048.


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