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Will my review be a positive review?

Mobius reviewers are experienced professionals who fairly, honestly and objectively assess the books they receive. We do guarantee a fair, unbiased assessment of your work. Not all reviews will be positive, however we hope you take the review and use it to your advantage to improve on your work. Please remember, the review is not to discourage you, it is a tool to make you a better wordsmith.


Stephen King has sold over 350 million books. King was able to achieve this success due to his determination and acceptance of reviews that were not always the best.


Here is a wonderful article written by Kristen Houghton – click here to read


Will the copyright date in my book affect my review?

Not at all.


Is the review written based on summary or opinion?

Both. Summary aspects are critical for readers to know what the book is all about. This helps shoppers, booksellers, librarians, publishers, agents, movie producers, and others discover new titles and writers. Our format provides both summary and critical opinion.


How long is the review?

Reviews are approximately 150 to 400 words that hold a quality and elegance unique to Mobius.


If my book is in eBook format only, can I still receive a review?

Yes. All we require is a digital manuscript and a jpeg of your cover art.


Can I submit an updated manuscript after I have placed my order?

We will only accept one manuscript, therefore please make sure you send us the final manuscript that you are ready to have reviewed. We cannot accept updated manuscripts as we are sure you can appreciate the time that goes into each and every manuscript for review. 


Who is reading my book?

Mobius Writer has approximately 25 reviewers on staff that are experienced to cover fiction and non-fiction. They include experienced writers, librarians, professors, editors,   journalists, and academics in a variety of fields. Our executive editor reviews each and every title and assigns the titles based on a reviewer's professional experience and expertise, in order to find the most suitable reviewer for your work.


When will I receive my review?

Reviews take between 2-4 weeks, depending on our workflow for any given week. Summaries, CIP and Keywords can take 1-3 weeks.


What languages does Mobius Writer accept?

At this time we only accept manuscripts written in English.


What format should my manuscript and cover art be in?

The manuscript needs to be in a Word Doc/Docx, Pages, InDesign, WordPerfect, or an unprotected PDF. If you have a different format, send us a email and we should be able to work with you. Cover art – please submit cover art in a hi res JPEG at least 5.5 x 8.5 300DPI


I was very happy with a prior review that Mobius Writer did for me, can I use the same reviewer?

Yes, as long as the book is in the same genre. We will do our best to fit you into the proper schedule.


I would like to have my review posted?

Once you approve your review for distribution, we will send out a press release as well as post the review on Amazon and GoodReads. You are free to send your review to anyone you would like as long as you follow our excerpt rules for distribution.


How do I excerpt lines from my review?

All reviews provided through the Mobius Writer must be published in their entirety, however if you are following the proper excerpting techniques, you can extract from the review.


What are the accepted excerpting techniques?

  • All excerpts must be attributed to “Mobius Reviews” in italics, and industry standard best practices for proper excerpting must be followed.

  • If words are omitted from a quote, ellipses must be inserted in their place.

  • No words may be added to the review.

  • The integrity of the review may not be altered.


Examples of proper excerpts and attributions:


“Very captivating! An unforgettable story of one man’s journey through the congo.” —Mobius Reviews

“A brilliantly written novel that speaks to today’s cultural problems that teaches young adults how to find the good in all.” —Mobius Reviews


“Father Michael has compiled the ultimate work in Christian healing…”—Mobius Reviews


Can I call and talk to a real person?

You are always welcome to call, chat online or send us an email. However, we will only answer questions about our services. We absolutely do not want to discuss the content of the book with you. And as much as we love our authors, we only want limited contact with you. Why you may ask – this is the only way we can stay 100% objective, fair and honest, and perform the best possible job for you. This is for your benefit, so please do not be offended if our staff stops you in mid-sentence while talking about your title. Our process lends to the credibility of our performance and the services you receive from us.

Do you have a contract that I need to sign?

No, once you place your order with Mobius Writer, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy consist of the full contract between you and Mobius Writer.

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