Professional Book Summary – An optimized narrative consisting of 175-250 words that can be used on cross platforms to include Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Google, and many more. Why? A good optimized summary will give potential readers just enough information to get them excited about reading the entire book. An optimized summary will help boost your discoverability ranking while working with the algorithms of the search engines that the booksellers use.


Keyword Tagging – Optimized keywords are essential to discoverability and must work in conjunction with your book summary and the demographics of your audience. We will provide you with 6-15 tags. This will help ensure that your book receives maximum exposure.


Category Selections – We will provide you with multiple optimized category selections. These selections are critical for ranking and discoverability. Mobius only utilizes codes that are standard in the publishing industry and thus can be used on cross platforms.


Library of Congress Cataloging-in Publication Data (CIP) – We will prepare your CIP that needs to be placed in the front matter of your book on the copyright page. The CIP is mandatory if you intend to have your book available for libraries, brick and mortar bookstores, data / bibliography storage, etc. We will provide you with proper format and proper data. Using the proper format and data speaks highly to the credibility of the book and author.


Book Review – Professional reviews are needed to approach literary agents, gain recognition, entice potential readers, and provide insight. An objective, professional reviewer who is experienced in the genre of your book will complete your review. We have very strict guidelines that are followed to ensure that reviews offer a fair, honest, and unbiased assessment of your work. Each review will be between 175-400 words. As an added bonus we will also provide a short, professional review of your cover art.


Book Review Press Release with Distribution – If you decide to take your book review public, we will prepare a press release of your book review. The book review will be sent out worldwide to various distribution services to include over 7,500 news media feeds. You will receive a sample report approximately 3-4 weeks after the release of the first 20-30 companies that picked up the PR.


All services will require you to send us a digital copy of your manuscript and a high res jpeg of your cover art. Formats accepted for your manuscript: Word DOC/DOCX, PAGES, InDesign, WordPerfect, or an unprotected PDF. 


Our team brings a wealth of talent to place you and your book a step above the rest. We have been in business since 2001. Our staff experience consists of librarians, literary agents, certified software techs, professors and editors. Everyone within the Mobius Writer's group has earned a graduate degree and books are the passion of all.

Mobius works with new and established authors. We have had the privilege of working with titles on the NY Times Best Seller List, as well as hundreds of books ranked in the top 10 and the top 100 on just about all of Amazon's ranked listings.

OPTIMIZING data is an art and a science. We have various software programs that are designed to help with the process as well as our team of experts. Every book is reviewed with experienced human eyes.

Professinal Book Review for a Children's Book
Professional Book Review for any Genre includs Press Release
Indie Author Service

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Who is reading my book?

Mobius Writer has approximately 25 reviewers on staff that are experienced to cover fiction and non-fiction. They include experienced writers, librarians, professors, editors,   journalists, and academics in a variety of fields. Our executive editor reviews each and every title and assigns the titles based on a reviewer's professional experience and expertise, in order to find the most suitable reviewer for your work.

What genres do you work with? We work with all genres. Fiction, non-fiction, academic, children's books (all ages), religious, collections, memoirs and poetry. All are welcome.
Why do I need your services? We are living in a world where most data resides on the web, the same place where your new book is going to exist. In order for your book to have a chance among the billions of pieces of data residing on the web, and the various algorithms that control the discoverability of your title, you need to have OPTIMIZED data that tags along with your book. Otherwise, your book is just going to get lost at the bottom.

What does one do with this data, once we optimize the book? The data that we are going to provide you will be required wherever you decide to publish your book. Whether you publish the book yourself or go through a traditional, hybrid or self publisher. Every online retailer requires a summary, keywords, categories, etc.

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